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Sol Seppy is the creation of Sophie Michalitsianos, in partnership with her long time love Alton Brammer. The Bells of 1 2  was released in 2006 in Europe only. She performed most of the instrumentation and produced the record herself.

Classically trained in piano and cello, Sophie was raised in her early life in England and Australia.  Sophie always wrote songs, but hid and destroyed those songs initially, and earned more of a name locally as a session 'celist. She eventually  studied contemporary composition and orchestration at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, after having deliberated between music or a diplomatic career, but left the Conservatorium due to the feeling of wanting a more simple connecting point in music then the more cerebral effect she felt from contemporary music.

Sohpie left Australia at 23 armed with demo tapes and landed in NYC with less than 300 dollars to her name. Not knowing anyone she slowly found her feet  all the while avoiding any record labels who wanted to market her in a packaged

produced way that bulldozed the original heart and intention of her songs. She instead bided her time with other bands, and decided to finance her own recordings. Sophie toured with Sparklehorse several times, namely on their support of Radio Head's Ok Computer tour, and put her voice on many commercials in order to finance her studio and living in NYC.

The Bells of 1  2 was created in Upstate New York where Sophie lived for a large part  of her life. It rose out of the flames of a huge fire in her house, which melted all her equipment and also her old destructive tendancies toward her own music.

Sol Seppy's music is inspired by the feeling of Home in Heart, and this Beauty, also the struggle to find that place, and then remain there. Her new album will be available in 2018

Several of her songs have aired on various TV shows in the States and Britain, and she has been commissioned by various companies to compose for them

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